With BJ Williams.

Founder of CIBV (Can I Be Vulnerable) relives how death, suicide, and past relationships brought him to therapy. As a former athlete, resistance has always been his first line of defense, even within himself.

Not forgiving past mistakes and blaming one’s self for life’s unexpected turns left BJ feeling empty. Losing a parent and a sibling releases a different level of grief, that can’t be healed through time alone. Listen, as he finds his inner peace and true understanding of himself through therapy.

About the Author: BJ Williams – Contributor

BJ Williams Mental Health Foundation author bio headshotBJ Williams is a teacher, actor, model, coach, and former athlete. A social studies graduate from Washington State University he also lettered in football and track and field. BJ has balanced the life of a teacher, coach, actor, and model for ten years. When he is not hustling in the world of entertainment, BJ uses his downtime as a substitute teacher in the Los Angeles Unified and Downey Unified School Districts. An accomplished athlete, educator, model, actor, BJ has battled situational depression for half his life.Having gone to therapy over the past few years BJ wanted to share his path to therapy with others. He created “Can I Be Vulnerable?” A series depicting Black men being vulnerable to the world. What started as personal project has blossomed into a global project. The goal is to break the stigma in his community and beyond.