By Michael Nulty.

The thoughts that you pursue and ponder as they pass through your mind are responsible for most everything that happens in your life. I am not saying that everything you think about literally happens. But I am saying that what occupies your mind, those things you think about the most will over time occupy a place in your physical world. Your frequent dominant thoughts influence your emotions and attitude and control your actions and reactions. And so, as your thoughts are, so is your life. Simply – what you think about you bring about.

Thoughts are very much like the seeds you would plant in a garden except you are planting them in the garden of your mind. And whether you realize it or not, in time, they will bring forth fruit. What that manifested crop looks like is very much dependent on the type of mental gardener you are. Are you a Novice Gardener – Where your life is almost run by circumstance and you spend a lot of time in response mode? You set no specific goals and don’t really plant anything beneficial. Or are you an Intermediate Gardener – You set goals and create to-do-lists. But although you plant beneficial seeds, you get distracted from time to time and forget to tend to what’s most important to you. Or maybe you’re an Expert Gardener – You have specific goals. Your thinking is intentional and deliberate. You take time every day to give your attention and reinforce what’s of greatest value to you and what you wish to experience and manifest in your life.

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Have you ever listened and taken note of what is going on in your mind? What do you spend the most time thinking about? What particular thoughts occupy your mind? Are they thoughts that have to do with accomplishing your goals and dreams, or are they more related to what you don’t have and what you can’t do? Whatever you are thinking about are the seeds that will become the harvest you will eventually reap.

 Remember, what you think about you bring about.”

But you can choose to think differently, have different thoughts and create different feelings by changing the narrative of your story about your life now and how you want it to be. So today start your own thoughts journal and spend some time listening to your thoughts without judging them so that you can see what seeds you are planting right this moment. What you think determines what happens to you. If you want to change any situation in your life you need to change the message first. Practice interrupting the negative spin with words of encouragement and don’t allow discouraging thoughts about what’s happening right now go
unchallenged. Still today I work every day to keep my mind focused on the things I cherish and value the most. I spend time each day nourishing those experiences I want to bring into my life through positive self-talk, affirmations, and visualization.

The power of your mind is part of the creative power of the Universe, which means that your thoughts work together with it. When you repeat the same thought over and again, in one way or another that is what will manifest in your life. So, remember the next time you’re thinking negatively about yourself that you will never be greater, nor will you manifest anything better than what you think. When you change the quality of your thinking you change the quality of life. If that’s not motivation to change your thinking, what is!

— From my book Vitamins For The Mind And Soul (coming Feb 2019)

~Michael Nulty

About the Author: Michael Nulty – Contributor

Michael Nulty - Mental Health Foundation contributor bio headshotMichael Nulty is a newly Published Author and Speaker. His debut book “Getting Beyond What Is – Taking Back Your Life”, shares what he wished he’d known when his whole world collapsed and he went through his own very dark times – how he was able to get beyond his depression and struggles by making choices that invited new possbilities – new ways of thinking, feeling, behaving and living life in a different and better way.Michael has gained wide-spread recognition across social media when he began sharing his story in 2016. And over the past year he has inspired, empowered and helped thousands of people around the world to get through difficult life events and resist the temptation to give up on their dreams and finding their life of purpose, love and happiness.