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All across the world, 12.1.20 is Giving Tuesday. This global movement harnesses the generosity, kindness, and the desires of individuals to make a difference through serving their community, or contributing financially to meet the needs of those who are less fortunate, and collectively make the world a better and kinder place.

The movement began in 2015 through a partnership between the New York’s 92nd Street Y, and the United Nations with the idea that on one day of the year, through a focused effort people can serve others by making donations to support nonprofits and charities, or through giving their time to serve a need in person.
The Mental Health Foundation solely exists because of kind donations from wonderful individuals who want to see the foundation fulfill its mission to raise awareness about mental health, and to #breakthestigma around mental health conditions and their treatment. As such, we would be honored if you chose to donate to the foundation as part of Giving Tuesday 2020.
No matter if it is $5 or $50, or more, any gift to the foundation will enable us to continue the work already in progress, as well as implement new programs to reach even more people throughout 2021, and beyond. As part of this initiative, to further the reach of your donation, Facebook will be matching up to $100,000 in qualifying donations to the foundation. To be a part of this, you can either donate through:
  • the Giving Tuesday fundraiser on our Facebook page,
  • or by starting your own Facebook Giving Tuesday fundraiser.
Most recently, through the kindness of our supporters, we were able to bring on Cambridge University senior research fellow Dr Ahmed Hankir MBChB MRCPsych as our education director, and completely refresh our website including the content which details conditions, symptoms, and treatments etc,.
Future projects include
  • Empower U – This is a university based outreach program and training which normalizes the discussion around mental health at the campus level.
  • Frame of Mind – This project is to create a coffee table book of celebrity headshots, and each one will be accompanied by a commentary of their own experiences with mental health, or that of a friend or relative.
Consider putting a reminder in your calendar to join with us this giving Tuesday on our Facebook page and make a real difference in the daily life of others by creating intentional impact through your generosity.
Kind regards and warm wishes

Jerry Avenaim

Mental Health Foundation

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About the Author: Jerry Avenaim – Contributor

Photographer – Director – Advocate – Founder of the Mental Health Foundation. Jerry Avenaim is an award winning fashion, celebrity photographer and director. His work has been featured on the pages of Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, Newsweek and People Magazine. He has also made many appearances on television shows including America’s Next Top Model and Dr. Phil. In public he is the photographer to the stars of Hollywood, but in private he has battled anxiety disorder and bouts of depression for much of his adult life. With the awareness that millions of people around the world struggle on a daily basis to understand and manage mental health conditions, Jerry has created The Mental Health Foundation. For many, their suffering is done alone and in silence because of the stigma surrounding mental health conditions. That needs to change. Over the years, Jerry has lost loved ones to addiction and suicide. He made the decision to no longer sit on the sidelines while so many suffer in deep dark silence, feeling misunderstood, alone and without options. Done waiting for reform to occur, Jerry has merged his own experiences fighting anxiety disorder and depression with his passion and life long career as a top-tier photographer to create The Mental Health Foundation. He has brought together medical, psychiatric, life coaching, mental health professionals and authors as a part of his foundation team.

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