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When you experience a traumatic or extremely distressful situation, your life can quickly fall apart without proper care and attention for your mental health. You become consumed by what only can be described as an avalanche of emotions, feelings, and thoughts flooding your mind, and body. 

Struggling to cope with everything, feeling overwhelmed, somewhat down and a little ashamed of how your life has deteriorated can suddenly shift from, what is a mental health concern, to a mental illness such as depression, anxiety disorder, substance disorder or even feelings suggesting that your life is not worth living.

The Mental Health Foundation is here for you. We provide a vast wealth of information and resources across a wide range of mental health conditions and disorders. Our goal is to educate and help you understand what’s going on inside your head. Our online interactive forums, provide a mental health community, free of discrimination and judgment. It’s a place where you can seek further advice, share your story, receive and give support to other people going through similar experiences and mental health disorders. You are never alone.

Through our blog we aim to challenge and shift attitudes towards mental health. We feature stories from our mental health community and articles from our partners at the C.D.C., N.I.H. and The World Health Organization. Our team of mental health professionals and contributing authors share their expertise, knowledge and insights on treatments, prevention, dealing with stigma, along with their own struggles and successes of living with a mental health challenge. Together we can change the way the world thinks and feels about mental health. Join us and help us change the conversation. #BreakTheStigma #KeepTalkingMH

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About the Author: Jerry Avenaim – Contributor

Photographer – Director – Advocate – Founder of the Mental Health Foundation. Jerry Avenaim is an award winning fashion, celebrity photographer and director. His work has been featured on the pages of Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, Newsweek and People Magazine. He has also made many appearances on television shows including America’s Next Top Model and Dr. Phil. In public he is the photographer to the stars of Hollywood, but in private he has battled anxiety disorder and bouts of depression for much of his adult life. With the awareness that millions of people around the world struggle on a daily basis to understand and manage mental health conditions, Jerry has created The Mental Health Foundation. For many, their suffering is done alone and in silence because of the stigma surrounding mental health conditions. That needs to change. Over the years, Jerry has lost loved ones to addiction and suicide. He made the decision to no longer sit on the sidelines while so many suffer in deep dark silence, feeling misunderstood, alone and without options. Done waiting for reform to occur, Jerry has merged his own experiences fighting anxiety disorder and depression with his passion and life long career as a top-tier photographer to create The Mental Health Foundation. He has brought together medical, psychiatric, life coaching, mental health professionals and authors as a part of his foundation team.

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