May is Mental Health Awareness Month 2021

By Jerry Avenaim | FOUNDER |

May is mental health awareness month, and I would like to take this opportunity to explain what that means, and how you can partner with us to create […]

May is Mental Health Awareness Month 20212021-05-26T10:48:03-05:00

Covid-19 Mental Health and addiction

By Sanya Virani MD, MPH.

While the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic continues, people are being consumed by anxieties and stresses and greatly impacted by economic ravages, which in turn […]

Covid-19 Mental Health and addiction2021-05-26T10:48:51-05:00

Mental Health Misconceptions

By Emma Violet | CONTRIBUTOR |

I’ve wanted to upload a blog post like this for some time.  The desire to write this post intensified following personal, first-hand experience of mental […]

Mental Health Misconceptions2021-05-26T11:01:20-05:00

This is How it Feels to Live With Severe Anxiety

By Eleanor Morgan | CONTRIBUTOR |

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are dealing with anxiety than ever before, and for some people it can present as a severe anxiety […]

This is How it Feels to Live With Severe Anxiety2021-05-26T11:03:59-05:00
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